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Here are a few articles of interest to acequia supporters:

Real work starts for Abeyta Settlement parties
By Meg Scherch Peterson
For The Taos News, 3/9/2017

Valle Vidal water heart of proposal
By Cody Hooks,
The Taos News, 2/23/2017

Competing interests over Santa Fe River come to head once more
By Daniel J. Chacón
The New Mexican
2017 11:30 pm | Updated: 12:22 am, Tue Feb 7, 2017.

A New Horizon for the TVAA
By Sylvia Rodriquez, TVAA Board Member
NMAA, posted 1/13/2017

Acequia Annual Meetings: Quorum & Updating Bylaws
by New Mexico Acequia Association
posted 1/13/2017

New Mexico Acequia Revitalization on Historic Lands
by New Mexico Acequia Association
posted 1/13/2017

Legislative Outlook: Capital Outlay & Acequias
By Paula Garcia, Executive Director of NMAA
NMAA, Posted 1/13/2017

New Mexico acequias to benefit from $225 million water infrastructure bill
by Susan Montoya Bryan
From the Associated Press via The Colorado Springs Gazette, 12/22/2016

Costilla farm water transfer inches forward
By J.R. Logan,
The Taos News, 12/1/2016

National Young Farmers Coalition
Managing water: a new farmer and a very old acequia:
Posted by Chelsey Simpson on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Water rights transfer pitting acequia users against wealthy oilman
By Rebecca Moss, The New Mexican
Posted: Saturday, November 19, 2016 11:00 pm | Updated: 11:39 pm, Sun Nov 20, 2016.

NM Acequia Association grant to help farmers, ranchers
Staff report
The Taos News, Oct 10, 2016

Acequia Culture and the Regional Food System
Miguel Santistevan for the New Mexico Acequia Association
Green Fire Times, 10/4/2016

Another Army Corps of Engineers Acequia Rehab Project Bites
the Dust

La Jicarita, September 26, 2016

Acequia vetoes $2M in federal funds for Peñasco piping project
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 8/15/2016

Study says there may be limits to sustainable growth south of Taos
By J.R. Logan,
The Taos News, 9/8/2016

Tax break for open space could protect New Mexico’s farm land
By J.R. Logan,
The Taos News, 9/8/2016

Proposal would offer loan forgiveness for budding farmers
By Lyndsey Gilpin, High Country News
The Taos News, 9/8/2016

Seed saving: An old technology for a new climate, dedication
How one farmer uses seed saving to adapt

By Cody Hooks,
The Taos News, 9/8/2016

Piping La Acequia Madre Cañon not a threat, but a viable option
By Bonifacio I. Vasquez
The Taos News, 9/8/2016

My Turn
Historic ancient acequia and watershed ecosystem under threat
Gabriel and Kaori Lopez (landowners); Karen Derrick-Davis (landowner); Thomas Lopez (parciante); Louise and Edward Lucero (lessors of parciantes); George, Melba, Raymond and Jose George Maestas (landowners); Jean Nichols (parciante); and Christine Wagner and Scott Kirvan (landowners)
The Taos News, 9/1/2016

Water Matters
Deal sweetened for aquifer mapping in Taos County

By Meg Scherch Peterson
The Taos News, 8/25/2016

Taos students complete unique acequia project
Staff report
The Taos News, Aug 18, 2016

Report: ‘Fragmented’ system leaves majority of cash unspent
By Rebecca Moss
The New Mexican, 7/31/2016

Taos regional water plan hits milestone
By Meg Scherch Peterson
For The Taos News, 7/28/2016

Nature Conservancy: Santa Fe is violating ‘Living River’ policies
By Mark Oswald / Journal Staff Writer
Albuquerque Journal, June 22nd, 2016

Underground water storage plan stokes rancor in Seco
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 6/23/2016

Working to improve centuries old acequias for New Mexico community
By Ken Williams
USACE Memphis District Public Affairs Office
Posted 6/14/2016

Sharing the shortage
Acequias offer guidance for water managers seeking resilience in an uncertain future

By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 5/26/2016

Communities follow centuries-old tradition of blessing waterways in honor of San Ysidro
By Rosalie Rayburn / Journal Staff Writer
Sunday, May 8th, 2016 at 12:01am

Acequia de Las Joyas Blooms with Traditional Irrigation Methods
Posted by Rey Adame, Natural Resources Conservation Service
March 29, 2016 at 4:00 PM

Reader View:
Governor’s acequia veto hard to swallow
By Lucy Moore
The Santa Fe New Mexican, March 26, 2016

Senators Blast Governor Martinez Veto of 90% of Funds for Acequia Restoration
By new mexico senate democrats •
NM State, Mar 16, 2016

Our view: Acequias deserve better support
The Santa Fe New Mexican, March 14, 2016

Acequias face upstream battle to fund repairs following gov's vetoes
By Staci Matlock
The Santa Fe New Mexican, Mar 12, 2016
printed in The Taos News

From the office of Ben Ray Lujan
Udall, Heinrich, Lujan Welcome $2.55 Million for New Mexico Acequias
Funding will pay for design of the Chamisal y Ojito acequia

N.B.: There is a gap here in the news chronology due to webmaster away.

Ambitious effort seeks to restore forests, protect water
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 1/21/2016

Taos Regional Water Plan update
By Meg Scherch Peterson
For The Taos News, 1/14/2016

Valle Escondido seeks water rights to handle growth
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 1/14/2016


The Acequia Institute
December 30, 2015

Blackstone Ranch seeks water rights transfer
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, Dec 27, 2015

Lost ag status goes beyond effects of drought
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 12/17/2015

Forty-year plan says town water use could rise up by 80 percent
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 12/2/2015

Acequia activism: Men and women help protect a vital network of irrigation throughout New Mexico
By T. S. Last / Journal Staff Writer
Albuquerque Journal,  December 4th, 2015

Costilla County introduces ordinance establishing a GMO-free zone to protect traditional farmers’ varieties
Devon G. Peña | Viejo San Acacio, CO | November 12, 2015

Chevron agrees to pay $4M for water, habitat damage
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 10/29/2015

Acequia in line for $2.4M repair
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 10/15/2015

Wilderness effort meets resistance from Penasco natives
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 10/8/2015
My Turn
Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund needs reauthorization
Sen. Martin Heinrich
The Taos News, 10/1/2015

In support of the Land and Water Conservation Fund
John Crenshaw
The Taos News, 9/17/2015

My Turn
Wilderness protects air, water and recreation
Todd Leahy
The Taos News, 9/10/2015

Taos, Santa Fe residents protest Top of the World water rights transfer
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 8/6/2015

Two projects aim to protect Bernalillo from flooding
By Elaine D. Briseño / Journal Staff Writer
Albuquerque Journal, July 4, 2015 at 12:07 am  

Top of the World transfer spurs worries, plans
By Cody Hooks
The Taos News, 7/2/2015

La cultura de las acequias
Por Teresa Dovalpage
Para El Crepsculo
The Taos News, 6/25/2015

Judge ordeers water release to support acequias
Sant Fe New Mexican
June 23, 2015

So what did Taos get from the special legislative session?
By Andrew Oxford
The Taos News, 6/11/2015

Acequia restoration under way in Kit Carson Park
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 6/11/2015

A River Trickles Through It
With some help the Santa Fe River can be a river again

By Laura Paskus
The Santa Fe Reporter
June 3, 2015

Reservoir upgrade to increase efficiency
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 5/21/2015

Streamflows up following significant rain
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 5/21/2015

Early storms signal wet May across state
By Phaedra Haywood, The New Mexican
The Taos News, 5/7/2015

Funding to help New Mexico’s acequias as drought persists
The Santa Fe NewMexican
Posted: Thursday, May 7, 2015 8:00 pm | Updated: 12:28 am, Fri May 8, 2015.

My Turn
On the larger issues of water
Kay Mat thews
The Taos News, 4/23/2015

Taos County protests controversial water rights transfer
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 4/23/2015

Settlement water rights a liquid asset
Why Taos Pueblo passed on offer to avoid controversial water transfer

By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 4/16/2015

Gov signs drought bill, approves TSV bond sale
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 4/16/2015

Farm transfer a paper-water loss, but a wet-water gain
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 4/9/2015

The Green Fire Times Online
Museum of the Acequia Interest Sought
Posted April 2, 2015

Questa agrees to pay up to $318K for water rights
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 4/2/2015

Locally sponsored agricultural bill sent to governor
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 4/2/2015

Transfer would move ag water to Santa Fe County
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 3/26/2015

My Turn
Protect your acequias; the TVAA isn’t
Jerome Lucero
The Taos News, 3/19/2015

New Mexicans with senior water rights look to Senate-cleared bill to ensure supply
By Staci Matlock
The New Mexican, March 15, 2015

Study confirms La Cienega residents' fear: Water decline threatens area
By Staci Matlock
The New Mexican, Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Turn
It’s all about the water
Suzanne Wollter
The Taos News, 2/19/2015

County drops protest of Abeyta-related water transfer
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 2/19/2015

The Hermanamiento of the Acequias of Valencia, Spain and New Mexico
by Armando Lamadrid
Green Fire Times, 2/9/2015

El Prado district wants Taos County to withdraw several water transfer protests
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 1/29/2015

'Acequias' show water's importance to New Mexico
By Mateo Rocha
The Daily Lobo, 1/27/2015

Rivera receives award for acequia work
Inside UNM
December 03, 2014

Bernalillo County To Consider Huge Development
KUNM On-Line, 12/2/2014

Taos to host 2014 Congreso de las Acequias
Staff report
The Taos News, 11/6/2014

My Turn
Water is precious in New Mexico
Rachel Conn
The Taos News, 11/6/2014

Acequia champion Estevan Arellano dies
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News. 10/29/2014

Water wise: Book explores culture of irrigation-dependent communities
Review by Casey Sanchez 
Santa Fe New Mexican
Posted: Friday, October 17, 2014

Value of acequias seen
The Conejos County Citizen
Posted: Thursday, Oct 16th, 2014

Hondo Valley acequias: Engineering marvels
J.R. Logan
The Taos News, Oct 1, 2014

Walking the acequias of the Alpujarra
Sierra Nevada (California) Guides
Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My Turn
Who speaks for the water
Chris Pieper
The Taos News, 8/28/2014

Rainy summer an unanticipated blessing for Taos County rafters, irrigators
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 7/17/2014

Old mission irrigation system to be restored
By John W. Gonzales
San Antonio Express-News, July 7, 2014

We need to talk about water supply
By Santiago Maestas / President, South Valley Regional Association of Acequias
Albuquerque Journal, July 6, 2014

Forest Service Continues to Challenge Acequias’ Pre-Existing Rights

State: Abeyta pact will curb future well pumping
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 6/26/2014

Washington seeks resolution to acequias use
U.S. Forest Service must come up with workable plan
Deming News, 06/18/2014

Acequia Assistance Project
University of Colorado Boulder
June 15,2014

County reshapes water advisory board
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 5/29/2014

By Kathaleen Roberts,
Albuquerque Journal, N.M.
May 25, 2014

The lesson of acequias for today’s world
By Orlando Romero
Santa Fe New Mexican On-line
Saturday, May 24, 2014 7:00 pm

El Prado, state quarrel over water rights deal
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 4/17/2014

New Mexico Farmers Find Opportunities In Local Food Movement
By  Mónica Ortiz Uribe
FRONTERAS, The Changing America Desk
April 08, 2014

New Mexico's ancient irrigation systems help protect scarce water supply
By Mónica Ortiz Uribe
FRONTERAS, The Changing America Desk
April 7th, 2014

Changing agricultural status could affect water rights
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 4/3/2014

Drought deepens across state, despite storms
By Staci Matlock
The New Mexican
reprinted in The Taos News, 3/13/2014

Water: How long will the Southwest’s acequias survive?
Summit County Citizens Voice
Posted on February 25, 2014 by Bob Berwyn

La Lama’s water supply on thin ice
Drought, forest fire mean low supply in northern community

By Elizabeth Cleary
The Taos News, 2/13/2014

Dartmouth study shows US Southwest irrigation system facing decline after 4 centuries
by Michael Cox, Assistant Professor
Dartmouth College, 2/12/2014
Professor Cox is available to comment at

New farm bill a boon for NM’s farmers, ranchers, families in need
By Michael Coleman / Journal Washington Bureau
ABQ Journal, 2/8/2014

An epic legal battle to be fought over water
Dispatch New Mexico
Printed in the Taos News, 2/6/2014

From the Green Fire Times
January, 2014
        1. A Brief Acequia History,  by José A. Rivera
        2. The Acequia Movement in New Mexico
        3. Anatomy of an Acequia
        4. New Mexico Acequia Association – 25 Years and Counting, by By Paula Garcia

Year in Review: Drought takes toll on farmers, puts focus on water
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 1/2/2014

Study: Flows in upper Rio Grande to drop
By Staci Matlock
The New Mexican
from The Taos News, 12/19/2013

Acequias, city duke it out in court
City seeks earlier priority date

By Martin Salazar
Las Vegas Optic, December 17, 2013

Arid Lands Institute
DECEMBER 15, 2013

Laymen objectors enter debate over Abeyta pact
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 12/12/2013

Rural health, water two good issues for legislative session
By Tom McDonald
The Taos News, 12/12/2013

RG Roundtable funds acequia project
The Valley Courier
BY: RUTH HEIDE, Courier editor
Posted: Thursday, Nov 14th, 2013

Future growth key in Abeyta water disputes
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 10/17/2013

Small farmers want farm bill prioritized
By Mark Oswald / Journal Staff Writer
The Albuquerque Journal, 10/17/2013

NM Farmers, Ranchers Urge Congress to Pass Farm Bill
by Troy Wilde
Public News Service - NM, October 16, 2013

My Turn
On the Abeyta Water Settlement
Tom Blankenhorn
The Taos News, 10/10/2013

Abeyta parties make case for approving settlement
By J. R. Logan
The Taos News, 9/21/2013

New Mexico's drought threatens a way of life
By Cindy Carcamo
Photography and video by Cindy Carcamo
Reporting from Mora, N.M.
The Los Angeles Times, Sept. 17, 2013

My Turn
Irrigators with water rights will not be hurt
Lawrence A. Ortega
The Taos News, 9/12/2013

How Green is the Valley? Putting a Dollar Value on Ecosystems
Jon Goldstein
Published September 12, 2013 in Ecosystems

A Community Perspective on the Corps’ Acequia Rehabilitation Program
By Ariane Pinson, Albuquerque District Technical Writer
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Posted 9/3/2013

Critics voice opposition to transfer of Taos-area water rights
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, September 3, 2013 12:15 am

The Public Weighs in on Proposal to Move Questa Acequia Rights to the Taos Valley

New Mexico lacks drought tools
By John Fleck
Albuquerque Journal, Aug 13, 2013

Chama Water Cut for Acequias from Abiquiú South
By Jeff Tucker, SUN Staff Writer
Rio Grande Sun, July 25, 2013

Conserving water - Acequia liner at MMS completed
The Las Vegas Optic
July 21, 2013

Acequias, The Life Stream of Agriculture
By George Morse, Staff Writer
Rio Grande Sun, July 18, 2013

Rio Chama Acequia Association Members Share Limited Water Supply
The Grant County Beat
Thursday, 11 July 2013 

‘Sustainable’ Taos ranch’s water plans draw protests
by J.R. Logan
The Taos News, July 9, 2013

Acequias share water to combat drought
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, June 27.2013

Students Help Farmers through the Acequia Project
by Blake Busse (’15)
ColoradoLaw,UC Boulder, June 24, 2013

"The Revolution Is Going to Be Fought With the Hoe": Agriculture and Environment in New Mexico
By Tory Field and Beverly Bell
Part 20 of the Harvesting Justice series
Other Worlds, June 24, 2013

Luján Amendment to Farm Bill to Support Acequias in New Mexico Passes House
by Bonnie J. Gordon
Los Alamos DailyPost, June 20, 2013

Water and drought: a call for cooperation
By U.S. Sen. Tom Udall /
For the Las Cruces Sun-News

Well users fight state water rights limits
By Staci Matlock
The New Mexican, Saturday, June 1, 2013

Aftermath of a Drilling Boom: Wyoming stuck with abandoned gas wells
By Dustin Bleizeffer
WyoFile, May 21, 2013

DEP Drilling Records Rreveals Wter Damage, Murky Testing Methods
By laura Legere
thetimes-tribune.comMay 19, 2013

Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas Pollutes Water Wells
By David Biello
Scientific American, May 9th 2011

Oil, gas extraction ban: Mora leaders push for ‘sustainable’ growth
by Eric Heinz
Sangre de Cristo Chronicle, May 19, 2013

Sunday Times review of DEP drilling records reveals water damage, murky testing methods
By laura Legere (Staff Writer)
Published: May 19, 2013

Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas Pollutes Water Wells
By David Biello
Scientific American, May 9th 2011
Posted 5/21/2013

Mora County Takes a Stand
LaJicarita ⋅ May 7, 2013

Low Rio Grande flow impacts Taos
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 5/2/2013

NM county ordinance bans oil, gas development
Associated Press, 04/30/2013

SDA outlines claims for Hispanic, women farmers and ranchers
The Deming Headlight04/28/2013

Preserve Colorado's acequias
By Joanne Ditmer
The Denver Post
Posted:   04/12/2013

Wisdom of the Mayordomo
by Quita Ortiz
Green Fire Times, 4/3/2013

New Technology and Old Acequias
By Juan Estevan Arellano
NMAA, 3/27/2013

Grants support rural business development
By Terry Brunner
The Taos News, 3/14/2013

2013 Colorado legislation: Acequia bill passes house, more inclusive than 2009 bill
Matt Hildner
The Pueblo Chieftain, 3/7/2013

Ongoing Research Illustrates Benefits of Acequias
by Quita Ortiz
New Mexico Acequia Association

State court upholds wilderness water designations after appeal by group
By Matthew van Buren
The Taos News, 1/10/2013

Top 10 news stories for 2012
The Taos News, 1/3/2013
  Taos Pueblo Water Rights/Abeyta pact

University of Denver Water Law Review
Conference Note: Congreso de Acequias
Recognizing Regional Challenges: The Colorado Acequia Story
Jonathan Culwell
San Luis, Colorado October 19-21, 2012
Posted 12/03/2012

Century-old Talpa Reservoir gets $300K makeover
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 11/29/2012

Picuris, acequias protest Sipapu water transfer
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, November 26, 2012

Tri-State Generation case: High Court sides with state engineer on water rules
By Tom Sharpe
from The New Mexican, 11/8/2012

High court sides with state engineer on water rules
by Tom Sharpe
The Snta Fe New Mexican
November 01, 2012 

Castro Professor Devon Peña gives cultural, agricultural tour of San Luis Valley
By Cliff Foster
Metropolitan State University of Denver
October 29, 2012

Congreso unites irrigators
BY: Lauren Krizansky
Courier staff writer
The San Luis Valley Courier, 10/23/2012

Acequia project provides students an introduction to water basics, research methods
By Cliff Foster
Metropolitan State University of Denver
October 19, 2012

Rebuilding Our Local Food System
By Quita Ortiz
New Mexico Acequia Association
October 4, 2012

Las Cruces Sun-News
NMSU studies drought stress, deficit irrigation impact on northern New Mexico chile
By Jane Moorman /
Posted:   09/23/2012

Roundtable approves Vallejos Ditch project
Alamosa Valley Courier
Posted: Thursday, Sep 20th, 2012

Development and Drought in Placitas: Las Acequias Feel the Pain
by Lynn Montgomery
Posted by La Jicarita
September 5, 2012

NMAA Remembers Acequia Advocate, Fred Waltz
By Janice Varela
New Mexico Acequia Association, 9/4/2012

Back to ear th A visit to Squash Blossom Farms
By Jim O’Donnell
The Taos News, 8/9/2012

Mission Espada and its fascinating acequia system
By Carol Bass Sowa
Today's Catholic, July 27, 2012

Water 101: Abeyta Settlement explained
A detailed look at $150M agreement

By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 7/26/2012

Santa Fe Acequias Alive!
A Glimpse of Surviving Acequia Culture

Posted by lajicarita ⋅ July 30, 2012

‘Historic’ water pact signings in Taos
By Matthew van Buren and J.R. Logan
The Taos News, 7/19/2012

Historic Taos Area Water Settlement Agreement Signed
by U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar

Town of Taos News Release
7/11/12 9 p.m.

Acequia system maintenance with RMYC

Sol Feliz Farm & AIRE
Posted on July 11, 2012

With settlement inked, Taos water swap to begin
By J.R. Logan
The Taos News, July 5, 2012

Self-Governing Commons: Managing Water as a Public Resource
LaJicarita ⋅ July 4, 2012

Megadrought, the new normal
by Ari LeVaux
Missoula Independnt, July 3, 2012

New Mexico Acequia Association:
Postd 7/3/2012

As Farms Bite the Dust, "Megadrought" May Be the New Normal in the Southwest
by Ari LeVaux
From the Blog, AfterNet
July 1, 2012

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