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Overview The New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) received a Capital Outlay Appropriation from the Legislature in the 2014 Regular Session to plan, design, renovate, construct and equip improvements to acequias statewide (Laws of 2014, Chapter 66, Section 37, Item 2). The ISC has approved $1,700,000 to be utilized for construction of shovel-ready projects. Each acequia may request a maximum of $150,000 for their project. Shovel-ready projects are projects that designs have been completed for and all applicable easements/permits obtained. Projects can be combined with ISC 90/10 Grant Program, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), or other funds to complete projects of a larger size.

The Acequia Institute is dedicated to providing research support through grants and fellowships
to graduate students focused on environmental and food justice.

The Institute prioritizes funding graduate research on resilience and sustainability in acequia agroecosystems.

The Edwin Sanchez Memorial Graduate Fellowship provides each fellow with a $2000 award.

The fellowships are made possible by a generous bequest from the late Alfonso Carlos Peņa.

For more information contact the Acequia Institute.

Acequia Rehabilitation
Program Overview

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New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission

Acequias, or community ditches, are recognized under New Mexico law as political subdivisions of the state.  The associations have the power of eminent domain and are authorized to borrow money and enter into contracts for maintenance and improvements. Acequia associations do not have the power to tax, so the expenses of maintenance and improvements are borne by the individuals served by the irrigation system.

To contact the Acequia Liaison for the Office of the State Engineer, call (505) 827-3822, in Santa Fe, or the Special Projects Coordinator at (505) 827-7847

Sources of funding for acequia maintenance and improvement are listed below.


Acequias, from the Spanish word for 'irrigation ditch', hold an important place in the history and culture of the west.  Cooperative programs offered by local, state and federal government help acequia associations build or restore diversion structures and ditches used for irrigation.

Click here for more information regarding NRCS Technical Assistance.

Acequia Improvement Process
in New Mexico with
Acequia Construction Program Funding

Natural Resources Conservation Service
United States Department of Agriculture

ISC 80/20 Grant Program

The Acequia Restoration and Rehabilitation Program helps acequia associations build or restore diversion structures and ditches used for irrigation.  Acequia associations that provide a copy of their bylaws showing that the group is organized and operated as a community ditch as defined by state statute are eligible to particcipate in this program.

The New Mexico State Legislature appropriates funds from the Irrigation Works Construction Fund to the State Engineer for grants for improvement and repair work on specific acequias. Eighty percent of the project cost, up to $96,000 per project can be covered by the grant. Total construction costs under this program are capped at $120,000.

Click here for more information regarding the USC 80/20 Grant Program.


Financial Aid and Technical Assistance for the Restoration and Preservation
of Community Acequia Irrigation Systems,

published by the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission, 2007

(Brochure, pdf format}

COE 215/1113 Programs

Section 215 Program

Small to medium sized projects, between 120,000 to $500,00. NEPA compliance required. The funding formula is 75% Federal funds, 17.5% State funds and 7.5% Acequia share. Capital Improvement Project appropriations can be used for the Acequia’s 7.5% cost share.

Section 1113 Program

Large scale projects, between $500,000 and $1.5 Million. NEPA compliance required. In the 1113 program, the COE plans, designs and constructs the entire project. The funding formula is 75% Federal funds, 17.5% State funds and 7.5% Acequia share. Capital Improvement Project appropriations can be used for the Acequia’s 7.5% cost share.

Click here for more information regarding the COE 215/1113 Programs.

ISC Loan Program

An acequia association's share of its costs for a construction or rehabilitation project may come from loans made by the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission.

The loans are made from the state Irrigation Works Construction Fund at an interest rate presently established at 2.5 percent, with repayment periods of up to 10 years.    Monies for these loans are appropriated on an annual basis by the Legislature.

For more information on the loan program, contact the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission, P.O. Box 25102, Santa Fe, New Mexico  87504,  (505)827-6160.

Acequia Construction Program

The New Mexico Legislature appropriates funds to assist individual acequias with specific projects. Commission staff reviews plans, specifications, and ditch eligibility; executes contracts and agreements; and inspects the completed projects.

To learn more about the Acequia Construction Program click here, or, call (505) 827-6134, in Santa Fe.

Acequia Adjudication Fund

In 1988, the Legislature created the acequia and community ditch fund to provide assistance to community ditches and acequias for expenses incurred during water right adjudication suits.    The fund is available for historical studies, economic impact reports, expert witness fees, legal fees and other technical services related to the adjudication process.    Legislative appropriations for the fund may include conditions and limitations on fund use (73-2A-1, 72-2A-3).

For more information, contact the Local Government Division of the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, Bataan Memorial Building, Room 201, Santa Fe, New Mexico    87503, phone (505)827-4950.

New Mexico Disaster Assistance Program

The State of New Mexico, through the Governor’s Disaster Assistance Program, can provide disaster recovery funding on a 75/25 cost-share basis to political subdivisions of the State and to certain non-profit organizations serving a governmental function.

Clicke here for more information regarding the NM Disaster Assistance Program.

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