Mayordomo's Handbook

The Taos Valley Acequia Association has assembled a collection of papers and reports discussing those legal issues important for Acequia management.  We have assembled these in a Mayordomo's Handbook available on-line, and soon to be published in hard-copy as well.

Much of this material was originally prepared by and for the New Mexico Acequia Association and has been adapted, and in some cases brouht up to date, for Taos Valley Acequia use.

SB0336 provides for tiered financial reporting for all governmental subunits, including acequias, based on the size of each organization as determined by annual revenue.  This Act becomes effective July 1, 2010.  A financial impact report (FIR) for the companion bill, HB828, is available here.

Any Acequia wanting to create or update your by-laws is welcome to use the templates provided below.  TVAA is ready to assist in this effort; give us a call at 575-758-9461.  Please provide us a copy of your by-laws for our files.

Table of contents:

Acequia By-laws: format
By-Laws Template
Appendix A: Water Transfers
doc  pdf
Water Transfer Notes
doc pdf
Appendix B. Water Banking
doc pdf
Water Banking Notes
doc pdf
Open Meetings Act

Open Meetings Act Fact Sheet
doc pdf
Attorney General Letter 10/31/2008

Other Fact Sheets

Introduction to Water Rights
doc pdf
doc pdf
doc pdf
Enforcement Procedures
doc pdf
Forfeiture and Abandonment
doc pdf
Water Transfer Procedures
doc pdf
Tiered Financial Reporting (Effective July 1, 2010)


Conflict Management & Acequia Enforcement
by stefany-barnette
from DocSlides

General information about Acequias, laws governing  Acequia Associations, and sources of financial support is available from New Mexio State University.

New Mexico State Statutes Annotated 1978